**Study Korean With BTS !!!**

We will learn "V&JIN - 죽어도 너야" 


"Master BTS Song" Course Preview

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Master BTS Song Course

Exceeding Expectations

This course is for learning Korean with BTS song 

* before joining the class, please make sure you can read Korean (doesn't need to perfect) 

* This course's aim is singing BTS songs NATURALLY and understanding KOREAN LYRICS

Class fee:



1 hour per lessons, 1 lessons per week over 3 weeks 


*This course focus  Pronunciations and understanding Korean lyrics

Giving Voice Recording homework and check the pronunciation one by one 

Learning schedule:

Week 1: Learning "죽어도 좋아" part 1 [6th of Nov 2pm(KST)]



Week 2: Learning "죽어도 좋아" part 2 [13th of Nov 2pm(KST)]



Week 3: Review and getting feedback [20th of Nov 2pm(KST)]


Delivery mode:

Zoom lesson, small group