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Hangul (Korean Alphabet)

Hangul is Korean Alphabet and there are "21 Vowels", "19 Consonants" and "16 Last Consonants(Batchim) I know there are a lot of Vowels, Consonants and Last Consonants right? 😭 It's ok! Let's do with me!!😊

I am a native Korean with 4 years teaching experience in Korean, Turkey, Indonesia and Australia. If you are unable to read Korean, I am able to introduce you to concepts and techniques that will have you understand Korean within 3 hours. 😎 All my previous students have done it so I am pretty confident that you can as well.

I'm glad that you guys like Korean culture.

So, I'm really happy to give Free Hangul Course (4 Lessons) to all my students.

I promise you I will make you speak Korean naturally 😁 👍 # Contents 1. Korean Vowels 2. Korean Consonants 3. Korean Batchims(Last Consonants) 4. Practice Reading Korean # Next Course January 2021 (Coming Soon) #koreanwithaiden #koreanalphabet

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