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"The Miracle of 2 Lessons" Introduction Video

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"The Miracle of 2 Lessons" Course Curriculum 

Lessons: Services

After finishing the course,

You will be able to speak Korean like my student 

*Amazing Hangul Video Lessons (Include)*

You can't read Korean? Here is the Best Hangul lesson videos !!

It will delivered via Email so that you can understand the course better

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"The Miracle of 2 Lessons" (SOLD OUT)

Focusing speaking Korean only

If you've studied Korean few months but you still can't speak Korean, I highly recommend this course to understand speaking Korean concept


"The Miracle of 2 Lessons"Course

Exceeding Expectations

Course Fee

$ 34  


1 hour per lessons, total 2 lessons

Learning schedule:

Lessons 1: Korean Structure 

              [9th of August /  Monday11am(KST)]


Lesson 2: Making Longer Sentence

             [16th of August / Monday 11am(KST)]


Delivery mode:

Zoom lesson

*Checking your Korean sentences via email 

*Amazing Hangul Lesson Video Included 

Interested In Private Lesson?

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